SolidRock provides services such as:

• Management for hire, temporary and/or part-time
• Business case assessment
• Establishment of New Business
• Assessment of investment opportunities
• Business development & Project Management
• Business plan & sales strategy
• Executive advisory to management, board & owners
• Board representation
• Application for public funding
• Developing partnership/attracting new capital.


 Key to success – Focus on the customers

You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology – not the other way around. (Steve Jobs)


SolidRock believes that the key for a successful project, being a R&D projects, a management assignment or a capitalization project, is to set 1-3 specific goals for the projects and the results for the business units.

To be able to achieve these goals you have to establish a plan with 3 to 5 break through goals that has to be met successively.
This approach secure progress, focus, and hence increase the success rate.



Our clients are venture companies, SME, technology transfer offices as well as public entities.

-References are available upon request.